Ultrasound Training by Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

“How Teaching Ultrasound Skills to Vanderbilt University’s Nurse Practitioner Students Saved $425,000 with CenarioVR”

Training Challenge: 

Vanderbilt University had limited opportunities to effectively train its growing Nursing School enrollment due to rising medical equipment costs and an increased focus on patient safety.


Reduce the amount of hands-on ultrasound machine training time needed to avoid purchasing more equipment and prevent costly damage to the machines.


Eliminate wasted hands-on training time by providing a virtual environment for navigating the machine, understanding its output, and learning how to effectively interact with patients.


Vanderbilt University avoided the need to purchase five additional ultrasound machines valued at $425,000 ($85,000+ each) to support its growing enrollment.

Winner of the 2019 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards!
Category: Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program

Entry Title: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s “15 Minutes Can Save Your Life” Colon Cancer Awareness Initiative with CenarioVR for Immersive Learning

To protect patient privacy, a video, which masks the patient’s identity, is shown in lieu of the actual immersive learning course in CenarioVR.
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