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VR Course Authoring

Develop With Ease and Speed

Scene Starters

Upload any equirectangular image or 360-degree video. Then select your starting scene to add questions, hotspots, and interactivity.

xAPI Tracking

Measure learning and retention with our built-in xAPI data tracking features and analytics dashboard showing performance in real time.

Real-Time Scoring

Engage learners with live score updates while you assess and evaluate quizzes, responses, and feedback.

Content Delivery

Access content on the web, mobile devices, Lectora/authoring apps, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Focus, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, cardboard headsets, and more!

Publish Formats

Easily publish to SCORM formats, xAPI, cmi5, and HTML. Or, publish courses to your LMS, authoring app, mobile device, or nearly any headset.

Interactivity & Conditions

Engage learners by adding conditional branching with varied outcomes, timed objects, actions, linked scenes, quizzes, multimedia, and hot spots with info cards.

Thanks to you and your awesome product [CenarioVR], we were able to produce an amazing course on a challenging subject (colon cancer screening). You’ve undoubtedly changed the way we build accessible VR

Maria E. Mejia

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

I’m finding the tool very straightforward to use. CenarioVR has made the whole process much more quick and simple than it was with Unity.

Eli Gumble

Clinical Simulation Technician, Clinical Simulation Centre

One of the easiest tools to create VR Training Applications.

Kevin Brake

eLearning and Instructional Design Expert

If you know any type of authoring tool, you can use CenarioVR.

Karl Kapp

Learning, Technology & Gamification Expert

It is rare that software designed to function on the cutting edge is user friendly - you seem to have achieved the Holy Grail.

Matthew Crouch

eLearning Developer

Puts VR creation within reach.

Karl Kapp

Learning, Technology & Gamification Expert

I love how easy CenarioVR makes virtual reality for learning.

Joe Ganci

President, eLearningJoe, LLC

To increase the effectiveness and results, CenarioVR is the most comprehensive eLearning online authoring tool that creates an immersive learning experience

Sayed Amjad Ali

Swift eLearning Services

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