Tornado Safety Training Presented by Chris Paxton

“How Immersive Tornado Evacuation Training Protects College Students in Oklahoma”


Public Safety

Training Challenge: 

A commuter college with four campuses and several satellite campuses resides in Oklahoma, where an average of 60 tornadoes strike each year. While 182 people in Oklahoma have died from tornadoes since 2011, annual in-person drills have become infrequent since they are difficult to coordinate campus-wide. 


Simulate the evacuation drill in VR with 360-degree video to familiarize students with safety procedures and help them identify the safest evacuation zones throughout the campus. Then, upload the course into Blackboard for students to access prior to arriving on site.


Students are prepared on “day 1” (before attending the in-person drill) should a tornado strike the campus. 

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