Colon Cancer Awareness for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

“How Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Helped Patients Prevent Colon Cancer with CenarioVR”

Training Challenge:

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States, but it is also among the most preventable. Colonoscopies, which can detect early signs of cancer, are the gold standard for colon cancer prevention, yet many adults avoid it.


To encourage more adults to get regular screenings (i.e. colonoscopies), Thomas Jefferson University created an interactive immersive learning module using CenarioVR that guides patients through the exam process to get them more comfortable with it. 


According to the patient survey, 57% of patients found the module to be “extremely helpful,” while 14% found it “very helpful.” 71% of participants also agreed with this statement “I have sufficient knowledge of the colonoscopy procedure,” which is a 19% increase over findings on the pre-survey.  Due to the success of this initiative, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is now rolling out a similar module for mammograms.

Brandon Hall HCM Awards Bronze Winner of “the Most Unique or Innovative Learning or Development Program"

The actual course will not be available for public viewing during the research funding application process.
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