Sales Training for Bird Control Products by FUEL it

“How FUELit Reduced Sales Training Time & Minimized Travel Costs for a Bird Control Products Company with CenarioVR”


Product Sales Training and Customer Engagement

Training Challenge: 

On-site classroom training for customers dispersed across the country was becoming costly due to lengthy training time, and overgrowth of their customer base.


Affordably train the customer base to select the best solution (amongst a varied offering) and then ultimately close the sale. 


Train the customer base in a realistic 360 video environment to navigate a virtual property site, interact with the customer, identify the appropriate treatment solution, and close the sale. 


The company will significantly reduce training time, travel costs, and travel frequency for its sales reps. Furthermore, the company is driving more engagement with their customer base giving them confidence in knowing how to sell bird solutions and not walking past revenue-generating opportunities.

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