Compressing video is the final step in producing video for distribution. There are a few things that should be constant for all video used in  CenarioVR:

Container Format: MP4
: H.264
Max frame rate
: 30fps

We recommend encoding videos using the following compression guidelines:

Device Type
Max Resolution
Max Bitrate
Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR
3840x1920 (4K)
3840x1920 (4K)
Samsung Galaxy S7+
Google Nexus 5+
Google Pixel+
LG G6+
Other Android Phones
1920x1080 (HD)
3840x1920 (4K)
1920x1080 (HD)
iPhone 7+
iPhone 6

To get started, we recommend using Handbrake to compress your videos, along with presets available here:

To use these presets in Handbrake, select the “Presets” menu item from the menu, Select the “Import from file” menu item, choose your preset file, and start encoding!